On behalf of the ESCOM executive committee two awards, sponsored by ESCOM and DGM, were given:

  • Young Researcher Merit Award to Lauren STEWART (Insititute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, London) for her paper presentation
    "Becoming a pianist: an fMRI study of musical literacy acquisition"
  • Best Poster Award to Urs NATER (University of Zurich, Institute of Psychology) for his poster presentation
    "Sensation seeking, music preference, and psychophysiological reactivity"
  • Special Recognition for Innovative Research to Christiane NEUHAUS (University of Hamburg, Dept. of Musicology) for her poster presentation
    "Perception and processing of musical scale structures: a cross-cultural ERP study"

Papers of award winners may be accepted for publication in MUSICAE SCIENTIAE provided that it is an extended version, for which a small additional review process must be done.