Timothy D. Griffiths (Newcastle University, UK)
"Disorders of musical perception"

Tia DeNora (University of Exeter, Great Britain):
"The sociology of music listening in everyday life"

Helga de la Motte-Haber (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
"Audiovisual perception: fundamentals and applications"

Simha Arom ("Langues, Musiques, Sociétés" [L.M.S.], Centre National de la Recherche scientifique [CNRS], Paris)
"Perceptual ambiguities in traditional African music"

Bjoern Merker (Royal University College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden)
"Is there a biology of music, and why does it matter?"

Holger Hoege (University of Oldenburg, Germany):
"Tendencies in experimental aesthetics"