Welcome to the ESCOM5 post-conference website

We are proud to say that ESCOM5 has been a magnificent success and has received enthusiastic feedback from numerous delegates. This means that the 2003 event in Hanover, which followed the meetings of the music perception and cognition research community in Triest, Italy (1991), Liège, Belgium (1994), Uppsala, Sweden (1997), and Keele, UK (2000) was a further milestone in the development of the discipline of a "science of music".

You are invited to browse through this post-conference website and enjoy our collection of photo impressions, press responses and reviews of recitals.

Although we know that you might currently feel no need for additional conference 'input', we would like to bring the forthcoming 8th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC8) into focus. This event will take place from 3-7 August 2004 and will be hosted by the Northwestern University, Evanston, USA.

Please consult the conference website of ICMPC8: