Research in musical sight reading

Dear visitor,

You can obtain some of the materials related to our recent publications on the potential predictors of musical sight reading achievement from this website.

The following materials are currently available:

(a) Sound examples and figures

(b) Musical scores of sight reading tasks used (tif format)

(c) MIDI score files of the sight reading task (SMF)

(d) Audio files for the solo voice (pacing voice, WAV format)..

(d) Software Midicompare for the evaluation of sight reading performances.

(e) Test for inner hearing/auditory imagery (items and answer sheet, PowerPoint presentation, 20 MB)

(f) Music-specific short-term memory test (PowerPoint presentation, 0.1 MB)

(g) Pictures of the sight reading lab and team

The sight reading lab


The lab team (from left to right):

Christian Wolf (technical assistant), Dr. Ji In Lee, Professor Reinhard Kopiez



In case of further questions please contact:

Reinhard Kopiez

email: reinhard.kopiez(at)

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